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Getting Started

Get In Here!

To get started at CrossFit Rochester, you first need to contact Joe and set up an appointment for a free trial.  There’s no need to worry about whether you’re strong enough, or fit enough, or if you have enough (or any) workout experience.  Our program is 100% scalable for any fitness level.  We will assess your capablilities and modify the workouts as needed.

During you’re trial, we’ll get you warmed up then teach you a couple of basic movements.  Once we have you moving acceptably well, we’ll put your through a sample CrossFit workout that is a match for your fitness level.  Afterward we’ll answer any questions you might have and discuss your options for moving forward.

The Big Sales Pitch!

There is none.  We just bring you in so that you can see what it’s all about.  You found us – so chances are that you heard about us from someone you trust that believes in what we do.  The program sells itself to those that are willing to put in the effort.  There are no long term contracts that we’re going to try to pressure you into.  We won’t pester you for referrals.

A Word About Pricing

Our group workouts are the best value going – in many ways both similar yet better than personal training at a significantly lower cost.  We are not comparable to the common gym –  you’re pricing a valuable service with relatively low overhead…   not renting space and access to various machines.  Just like the workouts, our pricing is scalable.  There are various pricing options depending on how often you work with us and the level of attention you want.