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WOD-chester University Games – Spring ’17

An event for college students only!   Prove your fitness!  Rep your school!

This will be a three workout event where athletes will compete as individuals – but also score points for their respective schools to determine which school is the fittest.  To field a team, a school must be represented by at least three men and three women.

The workouts will be designed to test the athletes’ strength AND conditioning to determine who is most physically fit.  They will be comprised of bodyweight movements, weigthlifiting and “cardio” – either individually or in combination.  While some workouts will favor strength over conditioning and vice versa.  While the most balanced athletes will prevail overall – team scoring will account for athletes that perform exceptionally well in a particular workout.

While all workouts will be scalable, athletes should be familiar with stable of movements commonly utilized in CrossFit workouts.  As a general rule, athletes that can perform full ROM push ups and front squats (135 lbs male / 95 lbs female) should have no problem completing the workouts as written.  Athletes will score points for thier team by simply completing a workout – but scaled workouts will automatically rank lower than those performed as written.

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Check back to this page regularly for updates, including an details on scoring, the event schedule, rosters and heat assignments.  The workout descriptions and movement standards will be released on Thursday, April 20th.