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Hammerhead Fitness – WNY CrossFit Challenge Series

Round 1 – Jan 12th                   Round 2 – Jan 26th                   Round 3 – Feb 9th             -CrossFit Buffalo-                      -CrossFit Rochester-                 -CrossFit DeWitt-

With the success of last year’s gaming events and the overall great vibe we get when the greater CrossFit community comes together, we’ve once again teamed up with CrossFit Buffalo and CrossFit Dewitt to bring you the WNY CrossFit Challenge Series.  …and just like last year, Hammerhead Fitness is stepping up big to sponsor the series, facilitate registration and help with overall logistics.

For those of you that don’t know what were talking about…  CrossFit is the “sport of fitness” and we’re all just getting together to play it.  In much of the same spirit as the real CrossFit Games (they start on March 6th – see http://games.crossfit.comfor more info) each event will provide unique physical challenges for the competitors and at the end of the series we will declare overall divisional winners.  These events will have something for anyone and everyone that would like to test their relative level of fitness.

Open Division – This class is for the fire-breathers.  Athletes should be prepared to do just about anything from naked jumping jacks to underwater tire flipping.   Ok, you won’t see either of those events, but you get the point.  The promoters are going to be pulling out all the stops to find the chinks in your armor…  It might be heavy it, it might be technical, it might be long, it might be bizarre  –  it WILL BE intense!

Age Group Divisions (<35, 35-49, 50+) – Don’t be fooled…  while these workouts will be scaled down to a reasonable level for the common crossfitter – we ARE talking about crossfitters, so the competition in these classes is certainly going to be tough.  Athletes in these categories should be competent in common crossfit movements with moderate loads.  A great example would be an unscaled Fight Gone Bad.  If 75/55 is outside of your Push Press and Sumo Hi-Pull range, or your toes never actually touch the bar – then you may want to find yourself a partner for the XY class.

XY Team – This class is for the beginner level CrossFitter.  You may not be able to squat snatch – but you can squat.  Find yourself a partner (opposite sex) to help share the workload and get your competitive feet wet.  The workouts in this division will be lighter and less technical – but when put into a competitive setting they will be challenging for any fitness level.

Full series registration is open from now until January 8th (or an individual event is sold out).  Registration for individual events opens up at Noon on December 21st.  To get signed up, visit