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2017 Winter WOD-chester Games!

The votes are in – this year’s version of the Winter WOD-chester Games on January, 28th will feature four person teams (two male / two female) broken up into age groups. The sum of player ages will determine the team’s class.


Juniors  –  <135

Seniors  –  135-180

Masters  –  >180


The event will feature three workouts. Male athletes that can overhead squat 95 pounds and females athletes that can overhead squat 65 pounds (or 75/55 for Masters) should have no problem completing these workouts as written. Scaling will be allowed, but those teams will automatically be ranked below teams that go Rx.

In addition to performing each of the three workouts, teams will also be required to judge each of the three workouts. The workout descriptions along with a detailed schedule of heat assignments for both competitors and judges will be released on Wednesday, January 25th.

While we will keep the actual workouts a secret until the 25th, we will release some “event prep” workouts on the preceding Fridays – January 6th, 13th and 20th. These workouts will be similar to the event workouts in design and length, but will feature different movements.

Prep Workout #1

3:30 Fran  –  Working one at a time, each player will be allotted 3 minutes and 30 seconds to perform 21-15-9 reps of Thrusters and Jumping Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups.  At the end of each player’s time, the team will have 30 seconds to prepare the bar for the next athlete.  Thruster weight is lifter’s choice.  The team’s score will be the sum of the thruster weights from the athletes that complete the required reps in the time allotted.   Highest total wins.  For more info, check the instagram post at


EVENT SPONSORS – these fine operations will be on-hand showcasing their wares and/or have donated prizes to the event.  Be sure to support those that support our community.  

Please check-over the EVENT ROSTER and make sure you team is listed and correct.

IMPORTANT – Carefully review EVENT SCHEDULE as well as the workout schedules below.  We will not start early but if we get behind we will make every attempt to get back on schedule.  A lot of that will depend on you.  Know when you’re team is working out as well as when your team is judging.

Heat Schedule – Workout 1

Heat Schedule – Workout 2

Heat Schedule – Workout 3

Also, please note that workouts 2 and 3 will require judging teams to provide TWO judges!

FINALLY – The workouts!!! Please carefully read through the workout explanations and watch the videos in their entirety.  There are a lot of details…  you don’t want to get busted on a technicality!

Video Descriptions:   Workout 1, Workout 2, Workout 3

***NOTICE!!!  …in the video of workout 2, NONE OF MY BURPEES were legit because I did not go hands off!!!













Registration will be open from Thursday, December 1st through Sunday, January 22nd or until sold out – whichever is first.  The Cost to participate will be $120 per team.  Click here to get your team registered.  EVENT IS SOLD OUT!