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Beth Gives the Scoop on Paleo f(x)

[by Fem] Last month, Beth Illingworth (of the 6am class) took a trip to Austin, Texas.  But this wasn’t just any trip. . . she flew down specifically to attend the annual Paleo f(x) conference. Paleo f(x) is an annual 3-day expo about food, nutrition, and wellness. (Their motto: “Heal thyself, harden thyself, change the [...]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

For quite some time I thought I realized and appreciated just how much my mom had done for me in my life.  Now that I’m a dad…  I’ve got a whole new perspective and really just another level of understanding and appreciation.  THANK YOU, MOM! So today it was Mother’s Day and Julie wanted to [...]

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Ted and Berta Share Methods to March Diet Challenge Victory

[by Fem] The results are in. It’s easier to clean up your diet when you employ a partner. . . and easiest if that partner is the love of your life! Congratulations to Ted and Berta, who won the March diet challenge at CrossFit Rochester and solidified their status as one of the coolest CrossFitting [...]

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WOD with Janet and Mundy this weekend

[by Fem] Hey CrossFit Rochester, we need your help! Janet and Mundy both qualified for the next round of Masters competition by finishing in the top 200 in their age groups worldwide in this year’s Open. Today (Thursday) at 8pm, four new masters workouts will be released online. Janet and Mundy have until Monday at [...]

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Happy 2014 Open!

[by Fem] The 2014 Open is over! Congratulations to all 57 of our members who signed up and braved the torture. In addition to the countless PRs on barbell movements (overhead squats, deadlifts, cleans. . .) we saw first chest-to-bars, first double-unders, and a whole lot of people laying it all out on the line [...]

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Wodder of the Week: Caitlin Orner

[by Fem] Congratulations to Caitlin, our WODder of the week! Caitlin found CrossFit in August of 2012, when she started med school at the University of Rochester. A friend brought her to the gym when the WOD was Nancy (running and overhead squats).  By the end of the workout, Caitlin could barely lift the bar [...]

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Snow day? Really?

Ok so I’ve received about 68,000 texts between last night and this morning about the gym being open today.  Apparently it’s getting bad outside…  I dunno, I have a Silverado…   and I got it for days like this. Anyways, it’s wednesday and it’s supposed to be my night off  - so rather than ask [...]

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Updated Times for Open WODs

Previously I was of the understanding that the Open WODs were to be released on Thursday and all inputs were due on Sunday.  That  was a mistake…  all inputs are due on Monday.  This gives us a day more than we had planned.  Additionally a number of folks were having issues making the Saturday morning [...]

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CrossFit Games Open Fast Approaching

The games start at the end of next week.  Are you ready?  I mean, you have been training, right? What about your registration or the judges course? Remember – to get judged as a competitor in the open this year, we are requiring our athletes be certified to judge. I went through and updated the [...]

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WODder of the Week: Keith Sourwine

[by Fem] Congratulations to Keith, our WODder of the Week! Keith has made major improvements since joining CrossFit Rochester a year and a half ago. He joined because he was sick of weightlifting at the regular gym and was hoping for something more fun. Keith said that the way in which CrossFit “constantly tests your will [...]

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