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WODder of the week: Sarah P.

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Chest-to-bars all day

Congratulations to Sperk (Sarah P.) for kicking ass lately and being nominated as WODder of the week. Sarah has been at CrossFit Rochester for almost 11 months. She started coming with Katie and Tyler to try to get back in shape after the unexpected death of her dad. CrossFit proved to be a great way to cope and get out her frustrations. She says, “besides getting more in shape, I truly noticed an overall change in my well-being.” She’s sleeping better, and has a general sense of accomplishment that she didn’t have before finding CrossFit.

Sarah is a nurse who works nights, so she usually comes to the 4pm class. She likes working out with her friends at that class, but says “I have found that, no matter what time, the environment at CFR is always challenging and encouraging.”

Sarah’s initial goal– to be more active and get in better shape– is still the same as when she started, but after almost a year under her belt, she now has her sights set on more advanced skills. She’s recently become consistent at toes-to bar and chest-to bar. The next challenges she’s tackling are increased strength, unassisted dips, and better double-unders.

Way to go Sperk!!! Keep up the good work!

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