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WODder of the Week: Kerri

[by Fem]


Congratulations to Kerri, our WODder of the week! Kerri started in February to lose weight, and since then she’s realized how much fun it is to be strong. Kerri says, “Within the first month I realized that getting skinny and getting fit were two different things. My goals have changed so much. I used to think it was all about getting skinny, now I know my body is capable of so much more.  Now I don’t worry so much about the scale, but accomplishing goals.” Kerri has been smashing goals since she first joined. “On day 1, I couldn’t even do pull-ups with the thickest band; I had to use the rings. But I moved on to the thick band, and now an even thinner one! I also just recently did my first WOD RX!”

Beyond the gym, Kerri owes much of her progress to diet.  A few years ago she had no concern for her diet whatsoever.  Now, she eats mostly paleo, with some dairy.  She says this change has made a huge difference in her performance in workouts.

“It’s hard to notice a difference day to day but when I compare to where I was 6 months ago, it amazes me how much I’ve improved! I can lift more, squat more, jump higher…. everything!”

Kerri usually comes to the 6pm class. “I  love the community aspect of it. I love that even if someone finishes 5 minutes before you, they will be there cheering you on until you finish.  I also love the coaches. I ask A LOT of questions, I love to learn and make sure I’m doing things right, and no matter who the coach is, they go out of their way to answer my questions and make sure I’m doing everything correctly.”

Kerri’s goal is just to continue improving, especially her running and pull-ups.  She’s also working on being able to do a handstand.  “My long-term goal is just to keep improving until I am the best I can possibly be!”

Keep up the great work, Kerri!



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  1. Sarah Cavanaugh August 4, 2014 at 9:12 pm #

    So proud of my sister keep it up ! Xoxo

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