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WODder of the Week.. Nonni

[by Fem]

This week’s WODder of the week is Nonni!  She started at CrossFit Rochester about 2 and a half years ago, with her friend Barb (of the 9am class). Nonni is an experienced yoga instructor, who brings a mindfulness to her CrossFit experience.  She says, “There are many similarities in the two ‘practices.’ Most people associate yoga with postures, but the origins of yoga have to do with calming the mind. CrossFit, like yoga, challenges the physical body but also confronts the tyranny of the mind. So, while on the outside they may seem like polar opposites, they are remarkably compatible.”

Nonni’s strength has grown in leaps and bounds without compromising  the flexibility that is so important to yoga. Of her usual 9am class, she says: “without exception, I experience a  group of individuals who manage to challenge themselves and provide support to their peers. I think this is the hallmark of the Crossfit workout.”

Nonni knows people will think she’s crazy for saying this… but her favorite movement is burpees! She is currently working on transitioning from the band to unassisted pull-ups. “On occasion,” she says, “My favorite move is the walk to my car in the parking lot after the WOD.  However, I never regret showing up for class!”

Your consistency and strength gains are awesome, Nonni! Great work!

Holding an "L sit" is as much mental as it is physical.  Nonni demonstrates a solid "L".

Holding an “L sit” is as much mental as it is physical. Nonni demonstrates a solid “L”.

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