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WODChester Games 2014

[by Fem]

First, a huge thank you so much for the volunteers who made this event possible!  The day ran smoothly thanks to the tireless work of many of our members…  from the fellas that helped move the rig outside – to the sign-up and judging personal – to those stayed late to help clean up  – and everyone in-between , THANKS!

Also, a big thanks to G&G Fitness for sponsoring the event.  I’m sure Mr. Walsh was happy to load that new rower into his car.

Ted took gorgeous photos of the event that can be found here.

Like last year, the 2014 WODchester games was a team-only competition.  Unlike last year, however, the weather actually cooperated! Gorgeous sunshine and blue skies made the pain of the workouts slightly more bearable . Heather from CF Park Ave said “Suns out guns out makes things that much more fun!”

While last year's event was a mudfest....

While last year’s event was a mudfest….


...this year was significantly sunnier.

…this year was significantly sunnier.

For many, this was their first-ever CrossFit competition. We– and other gyms– had many members who were hesitant to take the plunge, but had a blast. Kerri said “This was my first competition and I was so pleasantly surprised at how supportive and encouraging everyone was from my own teammates to complete strangers.” Beth Shope said “everyone was cheering each other on and the team atmosphere was great!!” Supah Kate witnessed in action: “While I was judging toes-to-bar in the first WOD, I saw one athlete slip off the pullup rig. She landed so hard… the poor thing was bleeding from her brow…. but like a true CrossFitter, she never gave up. She got right back up on that rig and finished the WOD. I was kinda blown away.”

Many people signed up with family members. Siblings Sean and Ellen from CFR competed on a team together, and the Mundy family formed another team. Jen from Batavia Crosstraining joined forces with her husband Richie for his first competition (and her fourth), and can’t wait for the next one. CrossFit Fairport may take the cake: they sent 2 husband/wife teams, had 2 sisters competing, and a daughter participating in the kids event. Gina, coach and CFF owner, says “I guess CrossFit is a family affair!”

Programming for the day utilized the pull-up rig outside, trail run, logs, and Miller’s Wall. Erin said “I loved the second WOD. Total team effort and the run rocked, especially with Miller’s Wall at the end.” The final WOD for the top 6 teams was winner-takes-all, and featured log carries and air-ball 2-4-1’s.  The Park Ave girls caught on quickly on the way to their second-place finish: “The 2-4-1’s really made you think and adapt quickly, and after catching one on your face… you learn the right vs. wrong way to do them.”  Teams resorted to creative methods of holding the logs off the ground for the duration of the 20 minute workout.


The logs were not allowed to touch the ground for the duration of the workout and some teams got a little  ...uh  ...creative.

The logs were not allowed to touch the ground for the duration of the workout and some teams got a little …uh …creative.

Whereas last year’s event featured 4 individual WODs and 1 team workout, this year featured 3 full-on team workouts. Heather from CF Park Ave said “this year was great because it felt so much more like teamwork, where you could use different strengths of your teammates in each workout and get everyone involved and working together, and it’s always more fun (less terrible?) to suffer with others.” Her teammate Krissy agreed, adding, “the were intense enough and timed perfectly to allow each workout to be done without feeling burnt out from the last one!”

The unsolicited, biased opinion of this blogger is that the coolest part of the day was the kid’s WOD.  Thanks to Joe and Julie for making this a reality!  The kids pushed sleds with increasing weight, and not one of them gave up, even when they were pushing more than their body weight.

How cool is that?

How cool is that?

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  1. Ted Gough July 2, 2014 at 9:43 pm #

    Great post Emily! All the adult athletes were ballin’ – working hard and making me sweat just watching. And you said it – the kids were great too! They were all pushin’ and sprawlin’ – scrapin’ and haulin’ the heavy stuff down the asphalt. So much fun! 😀

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