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Details… WOD-Chester 2014

The 2014 WOD-chester Games, sponsored by G&G Fitness, are just two days away.  Here are some important details you will NEED TO KNOW!

Let’s start with PARKING it is important to note that we are not the only business in our complex.  We need everyone to be respectful of our neighbors if we want to keep hosting events.  The call center immediately next door runs 24/7 so we need to leave their parking spaces available to their employees.  Please familiarize yourself with this parking/event map and be sure to park only in the designated areas.3750 map-WCG2014

Next up is the ROSTER of teams that are signed up to compete.   These two pdf’s show what heat each team is in for WOD’s 1 and 2 as well as the judges we’ve scheduled.  Finding judges was a lesson in futility…  so those teams that are highlighted (from CFR and Voodoo) you’re be called in for double duty.  Those in late heats will need to judge early heats and those in early heats will need to come back and judge late heats.

When looking at either of these lists, be sure to note your team number and your captain’s name.  The lists are (mostly) sorted by captain’s first name…  so knowing your captain’s name will help expedite check-in.  ALL team members must check-in together as each athlete will be marked with their team # and A/B designation.  Also at check-in, be sure that you get your meal ticket and your raffle ticket for you chance to win the rower.

Roster – Team WOD1                 Roster – Team WOD2

The EVENT SCHEDULE is, as always, super aggressive.  We will do our best to stay on time…  making up time where we can if we get behind – but never going early.  Hopefully scoring won’t slow us down too much.  Here is a link to the master schedule.  …know when you’re supposed to be where, pay attention to the time and listen to the emcee.  We will not wait for you.

If you skipped down to this section to see the WORKOUTS, please be make sure you go back and read / comprehend all of the information contained above as it is super critical that everyone be in the right place at the right time so that the event can run efficiently.  Here is a link to the written description / detail of the first two team workouts.  Video descriptions can be seen via the links below.

Team WOD 1 Video              Team WOD 2 Video

You may have noticed there is no information on WOD 3  …we’re keeping that one a surprise.  If you think you’re team will be amongst the top six after the first two workouts then you may want to bring some work gloves and a long sleeved shirt.  They will not be required, but I’d wear them if I was doing that WOD.  Also, if it rains on us again, bring some sneakers you don’t mind mudding up.

The WODs for the Beginners and Kids will be “sign and drive.”  At the designated times you will go to the respective tents to get on the list.  These challenges will be first come – first served…  when the allotted time expires, the opportunity to participate will be gone.

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