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Catalyst Games

[by Fem]

Congratulations to Alicia, Mundy, Wass, Bama, and Nacca for competing in the Catalyst Games this past weekend! The event was hosted by CrossFit Boomtown and held on the track and turf and Nazareth College (right in our backyard). Our competitors faired well, earning many PRs.

For reference, the events were:

1.Max- distance handstand walk

2. 4-rep max thruster

3. Max- height running box jump (on foam plyo boxes that make high jumps less scary)

4. 5-minute KB clean and jerk/ burpee ladder

5. 3-minute max-distance sled push

6. 10 minutes to row 1000, run 800m, and then airdyne for calories



Beautiful day for box jumping! Here’s Bama making it look easy

Bama was excited to do his first ever CrossFit competition, but there were some unexpected curveballs– namely the max distance handstand walk– and thus his goals were to “not come in last” and “not bring a cloud of embarrassment on CrossFit Rochester.” He shouldn’t have worried! In Bama (John’s) words: “As the morning progressed I PR’d my box jump height at 54″, my handstand walk at 20ft, and hit my 4-rep Thruster PR weight of 155lbs, as well as put up a decent scored in the KB Clean and Jerk WOD. . . the sled push. . . and the last WOD of the day which was a flat-out gasser. All of this combined, I finished out the day sitting in 6th place overall in my division [men’s modified]. I was ecstatic with the results. I went into the day with quite a few unknowns with it being my first competition, but felt really prepared by the fantastic coaching and programming from the crew at CrossFit Rochester. I have now been bitten by the competition bug, and cannot wait for the next one.”

Wass (Jason) also PRed his 4RM thruster-at 165lbs- and says it was “overall a great experience.” He pointed out that the vendors at the event were a neat addition to a local competition; Boomtown hosted over 400 competitors, and to serve the large crowd and spectators they had several food, clothing, and equipment vendors.  Mundy– also the recipient of the Reebok Spirit of the Catalyst Games award– said the WODs were awesome and took a lot out of him, resulting in 18 hours of sleep later that weekend. (Apparently going to bed at 1:30pm on Sunday afternoon is even early for him.)

Alicia was happy with her overall performance, which included a PR on her thruster and the conviction that she should push the sled more often because “it hurts!” As far as the handstand walk was concerned, she (and many others) did not end up with a score for that event, but she reasoned that ” if it wasnt for the skill event, I wouldnt have even attempted handstand walking yet, so I’m happy to be attacking it with some success.”

Nacca said it was fun to compete to gauge weaknesses and get fired up to train more. He said, “Thank God for Joe teaching us how to clean a heavy kettle bell! I didn’t think I was going to make it through that WOD without ripping one or both of my arms off. Joe’s technique not only worked, but finished me in a relatively (for me) respectable place in that workout.”

Thanks to CrossFit Boomtown (and their army of volunteers!) for hosting…. now everyone make sure you come out for the Wodchester Games June 21 at CrossFit Rochester! Information is here, and entry forms are here and due tomorrow (Friday June 13!)

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