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A quick change in plans…

First off…  congrats to everyone that participated in the Catalyst Games this past weekend.  There were a TON of athletes there and considering the size of the event the folks from Boomtown did a fine job pulling it all off.  I’ll see if I can’t get Fem to write something up about our peeps that were there playing and the event in general.

Up next is our very own WOD-chester Games sponsored by G&G Fitness on Saturday, June 21st…   which is really what this post is all about.  We’ve had some challenges getting this event scheduled and running properly – mainly due to my inability to make solid plans.  Whether it’s my bad planning -or- too many similar events going on -or- folks summer plans -or- fear of what the WOD’s might be -or- the allure of suffering with friends on a team…  we’ve had a VERY underwhelming amount of interest in the Individual / Open / Rx portion of the event.  For that reason we are going to cancel that part of the program.  Obviously this is less than cool…  but we planned on paying more athletes than have actually signed up so it only makes sense.  Those that have signed up, I’ll be sending your checks back…  and if you want to form a team (you’ll likely do well) we’ll comp your entry fee.

The good news is that it opens up the schedule a bit (as always it was tightandaggressive).  We will still be running the Team Competition, the Beginner Challenges and the Kids Challenge…  but eliminating the individual classes will free us up to start a little later, end a little sooner and maybe even add a third workout.  I’ll get working on the new schedule and get a modified draft posted up by tomorrow.

Thank you for understanding   …and teams, make sure you get your entries to me by Friday!

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