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a few points of clarification….

We’ve had a few questions about the workouts today and I’ve also thought of some stuff I didn’t cover in the WOD descriptions.  As we get more questions / thoughts they will get posted here.

1)  For the burpee buy-in on WOD 2, the team must establish an order and maintain that order until all 16 burpees are done.  All teammates must complete their first burpee-box-scale and be on the side of the box that is opposite from where they started before the first player and begin their second burpee.  An orderly line must be maintained as space will be somewhat limited.

2)  In WOD 1.1 and in WOD 1.2, while the teammates cannot switch roles (from holding to moving or vice versa) until the “mover” has completed a minimum of five reps – it is not mandatory for them to switch after the five or to even switch at all.  Do as many or as few sets as you like…  you just cannot switch roles until five scoring reps have been completed.

3) We will put some sample scoresheets on the posting board by the registration/scoring tent so that judges and captains can review how the sheets are to be completed and assist teams in validating the “math.”

4)  ALL groups performing WOD 1.1 will be ranked against ALL other groups, including the other group from their own team.  This means a team could score a first and a second…  but they could also score a first and a seventy-sixth…  or seventy-fifth and seventy-sixth.  The same is true for WOD 1.2.  The sum of the finishing positions in WOD 1.1 (two scores), WOD 1.2 (two scores) and WOD 2 (one score) will be used to rank the teams and determine the top six overall teams advancing to the “winner-take-all” WOD 3.

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