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WOD with Janet and Mundy this weekend

[by Fem]

Hey CrossFit Rochester, we need your help! Janet and Mundy both qualified for the next round of Masters competition by finishing in the top 200 in their age groups worldwide in this year’s Open. Today (Thursday) at 8pm, four new masters workouts will be released online. Janet and Mundy have until Monday at 8pm to perform all four workouts, judged and videotaped. The top 30 athletes in each age group worldwide will advance to the Games in California.

Now is the time to rally around our CrossFit Rochester badasses! Come out to support Janet and Mundy. .. by cheering or (preferably) doing the workout alongside them! They both have busy schedules with work, travel, and the holiday this weekend. . . so here are their planned workout times.

Friday 5am: Mundy’s 1st WOD

Friday 4pm: Mundy’s 2nd WOD

Saturday 7am: Mundy’s 3rd WOD

Saturday 12pm: Mundy’s 4th WOD

Saturday 4:30pm: Janet’s 1st WOD

Sunday 4:30om: Janet’s 2nd WOD

Monday 7:30am: Janet’s 3rd WOD

Monday 4:30pm: Janet’s 4th WOD

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