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Happy 2014 Open!

[by Fem]

The 2014 Open is over! Congratulations to all 57 of our members who signed up and braved the torture. In addition to the countless PRs on barbell movements (overhead squats, deadlifts, cleans. . .) we saw first chest-to-bars, first double-unders, and a whole lot of people laying it all out on the line (or the gym floor, as the case may be.)

The final Open workout (14.5) came without a time limit, and one of the coolest parts of the Open was watching every single person from our gym finish the workout, no matter how long it took.

The Open isn’t over for everyone! Huge congratulations are in order for Janet Ying and Mike Mundy, both of whom have advanced to the next round of Masters competition by placing in the top 200 WORLWIDE in their age divisions. Their reward is four additional workouts for the Masters Qualifier. These workouts will be released on Thursday, April 17th and scores must be submitted by Monday the 21st. After the Masters Qualifier WODs, the top 20 athletes in each age category worldwide will advance straight to the Games in California!

As fate would have it, Janet will be playing concerts out of town through Friday the 18th. Her plan is to do one WOD Saturday, two on the Sunday and the final on Monday. As we have more details we will update Facebook and the blog. I’m sure Mike and Janet will appreciate your support and maybe even some rabbits to chase 😉

Although only two of our folks are advancing, everyone who participated in the Open should be very proud of his/her efforts over the past weeks – not to mention gains over the past year. We will continue to push and rally behind each other every day in pursuit of better results and better fitness. The Open serves as that gentle reminder (or, let’s be honest, sometimes a slap in the face) that there is more work to do.  There is always more work to do. . . no shortcuts. . . and no f*cks given.

See you in the gym tomorrow!

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