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Updated Times for Open WODs

Previously I was of the understanding that the Open WODs were to be released on Thursday and all inputs were due on Sunday.  That  was a mistake…  all inputs are due on Monday.  This gives us a day more than we had planned.  Additionally a number of folks were having issues making the Saturday morning times and so we’ve decided to adjust our schedule a little bit.

The Open WODs will be the Friday WOD.  On Saturday we’ll be running the Open WODs at 8am and 10am  (before/after regular classes).  Additionally, we’ll be opening up Sunday 1-3pm for folks that cannot make any of the previous times (or need another crack at it).  Remember, if you want to be judged, it’s only fair that you can judge someone else so make sure we have your Judge’s Course Certificate.  If you think you might have a chance to make regionals, be sure to lock in a time with myself, Julie or Mandrew for judging AND videoing.

WOD release party is at the gym tonight at 7:30…  gamer up!

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