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Workouts! Round 1 – 2014 Hammerhead WNY Challenge Series

Are you ready folks?  This is history in the making…    For the first time ever at CrossFit Rochester we’re not only posting a workout online – we’re letting you know the workout(s) in advance!

So it’s only a day and a half, but still that’s a lot around here.

We tried to make the workouts as fair as possible – trying to test all physical capacities without heavily favoring one type of athlete over another.  There’s stuff for big people and little people and strong people and flexible people and well conditioned people and really well conditioned people. (Sorry poorly conditioned poeple – we couldn’t figure an element that would favor you.)  Many of the workouts look kinda easy on paper…   but if you do them faster/farther than everyone else then you’ll likely find them rather challenging.

Performing the workouts in a SAFE manner is of paramount importance.  Please be sure to maintain control of your equipment to ensure not only your safety but the safety of those around you.  Recklessness (ie; allowing your barbell to go anywhere other that your own personal workspace) will not be tolerated – you will be disqualified immediately.

Also of the utmost importance is the performing of the movements to the standards expected.  Our volunteer judges will do their best to keep you honest.  Please help make their job easier by moving to standards and respecting their judgement.

If you haven’t seen your heat assignment make sure you review yesterday’s post.  You need to be on-time for everything!  If we fall behind schedule we will do our best to make up time, but we will not start anything ahead of schedule.

Make sure you are listening to the emcee’s and that you are reporting to staging when directed so the head judge may check you in on time.  Also, when your workout has completed please stay on the competition floor/field with your judge until a head judge or scorer is able to come around and review your scoresheet.

Ok – enough of the PSA’s – let’s get to the workouts.  Please be sure CAREFULLY REVIEW your workouts (Open – 2 workouts, Team – 2 workouts, Beginner – 1 workout, High School – 1 workout) in both the written document  AND in the video links below.  Discrepancies are noted in the video descriptions under the view window on the youtube pages and the written documents are always right.  ENJOY AND GOOD LUCK SATURDAY!

Here’s a link to a PDF of the written descriptions.

Video links are below:

Open WODs 1a and 1b  –

Open WOD 2  –

Team WOD 1  –

Team WOD 2  –   (The video says 300 yds and 15 lengths…  it’s 300 ft and 5 lengths)


Beginner WOD  –

High School WOD –



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