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The Games are coming!

You’ve all been training hard and soon you will have the opportunity to “prove your fitness.”  The 2014 CrossFit Games start on February 27th and we will be participating again – doing our best to have some representation at the NE Regionals and/or Finals for the 5th straight year.  This will undoubtedly be the toughest year yet for us to advance beyond the Open – but if we do our best we have a shot.

This is the second year the CrossFit has put out a judges course.  FOR ANYONE THAT WANTS TO COMPETE IN THE OPEN AT OUR GYM, WE ARE GOING TO REQUIRE THAT YOU TAKE AND PASS THIS COURSE.  In order to get scored and validated, you must bring me a printed copy of your course certificate before you can play.  Even if you’re just a visitor that would like to come in to get judged and have your score validated – you’ll bring us this certificate or $50.

Whether you’re participating in the Open or not – everyone should really take this course.  Another voice telling/showing you what’s acceptable and not acceptable can only help your understanding.

Here’s a link to the judge’s course.

Here’s a link to get signed up for the Open.


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