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Last minute thoughts for Hammerhead

If you have not done so already, be sure to review yesterday’s posting of the workouts and standards…   there is A LOT of detail there and it’s important that you understand what is expected of you as we will NOT be explaining the workouts tomorrow!

We have had three folks call in today to withdraw due to illness…  one in Open Men and two in Beginner Women.  With the way the workouts are set up we can take men or women in each (though a beginner man would be working out alongside women).  If you’d like to step in and play in their place, be the first to email me with a subject line of “Gimme the Scratch – Open” or “I Got Your Scratch – Beginner.”  I’ll accept replacements up to 3pm – after that we’re locked down.

I don’t think I can say it enough – make sure you give yourself enough time to make check-in and make sure you’re on time for everything!

Warm-up space and equipment will be limited tomorrow and I apologize for that.  At least it is supposed to be “warm” out 🙂

Speaking of the outdoors – Effortlessly Healthy will be here with their food truck serving up paleo meals all day.  (Volunteers – remember to see me for your meal ticket.)  Here’s the menu;

-Beef or STEAK Paleo Plate (can add bacon, hot sauce or chili to the plates)
-Ahi tuna salad
-Steak salad

Lulu Lemon emailed and said they wanted to come cheer and contribute to the awards.  We’ll see how many items they have then announce how we’ll distribute at some point tomorrow.

If you’re at all nervous about tire flipping here’s a video of Rob Orlando teaching flip technique.  I’ll tell you that getting your hands under the tires we’ll be using is going to be a challenge (sorry – it was tough to find five of the same tire).  They are A LOT easier to flip if you GET LOW and grip the corners of the lugs and really press your chest and straightened arms into the tire.

Rest hard, good luck and thanks for playing!


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