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Heat Assignments, Round 1 – 2014 Hammerhead WNY Challenge Series

This Saturday is the big day at CrossFit Rochester and Turf Time.  We’re going to have a VERY full plate and any time we hold up the show it affects A LOT of other people.  It is very important that everyone knows when to be where and what they are doing.

The “what” will be released tomorrow (thursday).  We’ll be posting the workouts with written rules and explanations AND links to videos of workout explanations.  Make sure you carefully review BOTH…  we will NOT be explaining the workouts at the event.

For now – so that you may plan your day and make sure your entry was processed correctly please review the “HEAT SHEETS.”  Be aware that ATHLETE CHECK-IN OPENS AT 7am AND CLOSES AT 8:30am.  You must check-in at least 2o minutes before the start of the first heat in your division!  At that point the heat sheets will be submitted to the head judge and if you’re not checked in  …well, you’d be “that guy” that held up the show and affected A LOT of other people – and we just cannot allow it.  Open and Team divisions are up first and they will be given priority at check-in.  Check-in will take place in the warm up area so we have to close it down on time as well.

Make sure you are listening to the emcee’s and that you are reporting to staging when directed so the head judge may check you in on time.  If we fall behind schedule we will do our best to make up time, but we will not start anything ahead of schedule.  Also, when your workout has completed please stay on the competition floor/field with your judge until a head judge or scorer is able to come around and review your scoresheet.

Judges – you will be getting emails with information on what events you’ll be judging.  If you don’t have them by Thursday night, be sure to contact me.

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