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Another one in the books

Round 1 of the 2014 Hammerhead Series went-off yesterday and I think it went pretty well.  There was A LOT going on all over the place but everything went-off really smooth and on time.  I think that says a lot for the both the volunteers AND the competitors.  Everyone was where they were supposed to be all day.

Gotta go through some thank-you’s

-Jason Wasserman and Turf Time.  Can you imagine if we tried to do all of that in the gym?  We’d still be there now.

-in the gym, emcee Mike D and head judge Lisa P – on the turf, emcee Chesta and head judge Kaza…   you’re the ones that kept things flowing and on time.   Awesome, awesome job.

-Gurske did a fantastic job with the scoring

-Gurske also moved 90% of the equipment into Turf Time on fri afternoon…  then Mandrew stayed pretty late to help lay out both spaces and set up the first workouts.

-All of the judges did a great job…  best I’ve seen at a small event like this.

-Everyone that didn’t let a kettlbell touch the turf!  (it melts the fibers together, btw)

-Mike D, SG1 and J9 for helping with the videos.

-Bruce for bringing out a trailer so we could make room for people.

-Effortlessly Healthy for providing some healthy food options and feeding our volunteers.

-Hammerhead for helping to promote the event and running the sign-up process.

-Everyone that came out and had a good time.

Here are the final standings.

Next year we’ll need to install a giant dehumidifier and plan a better warm-up area.  See you at CF Buffalo in two weeks.

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