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WODder of the week: Hilary Petralia

[by Fem]


Hilary is an outstanding young up-and-comer who started at CrossFit Rochester in June as a member of our college class. She’s a sophomore at St. John Fischer and a former figure skater.  “I was just working out regularly at the Fisher gym, doing cardio and lifting dumbbells. I wanted something different. I wasn’t getting results.” She had seen CrossFit on tv and always wanted to try it. Although Mandrew and Fem’s college class is currently on a brief hiatus while all of our student-athletes are away crushing their collegiate sports, Hilary still comes to the gym in the evenings and is reaping the benefits of her dedication. Colloquially, you could say she’s drinking the Kool-Aid, because she got Inov-8s for her birthday and she rocked her first CrossFit competition in Buffalo last month.

For Hilary, the most exciting accomplishment so far is unassisted pull-ups. She started with the thickest green band and progressed to no band within 5 months. At the time of this interview, Hilary said she could do three pull-ups in a row, but– in the several weeks that have passed since I’ve gotten my butt in gear to write this blog post– I have seen her do many more. When she walked through the door in June, she had no idea how to do a clean and jerk; now cleans are her favorite move and she can clean and jerk over 100lbs. Her next project? Handstand push-ups!

Great job Hilary; we’re excited to keep watching your progress in 2014!

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  1. Erin DiVincenzo December 23, 2013 at 5:04 pm #

    Way to rock it, Hilary! Tons of talent and potential. Keep it up!

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