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WODder of the week: Jason Wasserman

[by Fem]

Congratulations to Jason Wasserman, our WODder of the week! Jason has been a consistent hard worker since he joined two years ago. Jason said it was pure luck that got him CrossFitting: Joe and Lenzi helped him move a snack machine over at Turf time (he owns that facility), and Joe invited him to come try CrossFit. Jason was hooked immediately. “Coming in, my goal was to lose weight and get into better shape,” he said. “I really struggled to do much of anything early on.” Jason found success with the Lurong challenge last fall, and is participating again this year. “With Julie’s help and through the [2012] Lurong Challenge, I completely changed the way I eat. I now eat Paleo all of the time.” Jason says it has given him more energy and improved his WODs.

Jason (aka “Wass”) is a 5amer, and says that the encouraging community of that class helped him get through his first few months of CrossFit. His current goal/project is 10- consecutive butterfly pull-ups, and he is also trying to focus on and improve his OLY technique. Wass got his first muscle-up a few weeks ago at open gym. Click here to watch!

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  1. chris October 16, 2013 at 6:29 am #

    Jason – Nice work – Your fitness has risen to a whole new and higher level!

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