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Watch the World Championship Spartan Race

[by Fem]

Attention runners, obstacle racers, and masochists alike! There is an interesting event coming your way this weekend. No, not the Mendon Ponds Park Zombie Run (though isn’t that intriguing!?), but the World Championships Spartan Race on tv. The Spartan Race Series is similar to CrossFit in its emphasis on the unknown and the unknowable.The race features lifting, running, climbing, and odd obstacles designed to test your physical and mental fortitude. (But it is the additional promise to test your “sense of humor” has me legitimately curious).

The World Championship Spartan Race (taped from September 21 in Killington, VT) will be replayed on NBC Sports on October 19 at 1pm. Check it out; if you like what you see and would like to actually try a Spartan Race in the future, Joe can hook you up with a discount code for your registration.

There are Spartan Races in PA, VT, CT, and the NYC area next summer!  Roadtrip, anyone?

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