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WOD-chester Results

First off – a really, REALLY, REALLY BIG THANKS goes out to…

–  My man-chester.  A lot of folks commented the event went off really well considering the conditions…  I give dj/mc chester all the credit keeping the program running pretty close to schedule.  He figured out my how my mad plan worked despite my typos and he kept us moving and on time – thanks, bro!

– All of the folks that helped move equipment especially Pat and Kaza for staying late and Dylan and Elly for coming early.  Lots of peeps pitched in to get stuff moved in and out, and from field to field.  There was A LOT to move – so thanks.

– Lenzi for taking care of the barbells and washing a lot of the stuff at the end of the day.

– Everyone that stepped up to judge.  Some folks braved that terrible mess just to help us judge – that was super cool.  Others took time out of their “rest” between events to help out – again, thank you!

– Katie for keeping the score sheet’s organized and helping me get them input quickly.

– Nova Strength and Conditioning, and CrossFit Ambition for loaning us some equipment.  We have a lot of stuff…  but not enough for THAT many people.  Thanks!  …and let me know if anything is ruined – I’ll replace it.

– Everyone that came out to play.  Those were some seriously miserable conditions, but despite all the rain and mud EVERYONE showed up and played!  That doesn’t even happen when the weather is perfect.  I’m super grateful for all the participant support our events have received.

The field is so wrecked.  If I could ask for one last favor…  I need you to all put your dehumidifiers outside and suck all the moisture out of the atmosphere for a couple weeks so it doesn’t rain until July 15th.  We’ve got the Tough Miller coming up on the 13th and our plan is to be on that field.

It seemed like everyone was having a great time…  and we should have photo album to link to in the near future.  For now, a bunch of folks have asked about the results so here they are.

WOD-chester 2013 Event Scores

WOD-chester 2013- Event Rankings

WOD-chester 2013- Overall




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