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Tough Miller Updates

[by Fem]


Remember this muddy mess? Can you believe it was only two weeks ago? Well, we’re happy to announce that the field is back in business. It’s more of a dirt field than a grassy field now, but it is WOD-able.  Therefore both the lacrosse events and CrossFit workouts will take place in the field, not indoors. If it does rain during the even (which it won’t) we will move the WOD to the parking lot.

The gym will be locked during the day but there are port-a-potties available in the parking lot.  Feel free to bring coolers, grills, food, and drink, but please no tents. (We have some giant ones set up out there already!)

The Tough Miller WOD will happen in waves.  Sign-ups begin at 1:45 and the heats will be first-come, first-served.  Remember the workout is 100% scaleable, even for people who have never CrossFitted a day in their life. So bring your friends and family!

Lastly, remember that there are NO CLASSES at the gym on Saturday morning.




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