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Lurong is Coming Up Fast

[by Fem]

Mark your calendars. . . the 2013 Lurong Challenge starts September 16. Last year, CrossFit Rochester had 48 participants and we placed 7th out of 450 gyms nationwide. More important than our placement was the personal success achieved by every single person who completed the challenge. Weight loss, better sleep, improved performance, smaller-sized clothes, glowing skin. . . these are just some of the benefits reported on a survey I sent out after the challenge ended. You can find ¬†those specific results in my full article our gym’s experience here, but allow me to sum it up in one sentence: Paleo works. If you follow the parameters, your body composition (ratio of muscle to fat)¬†will improve. The Lurong Challenge puts the paleo lifestyle into a social, competitive package perfectly timed: it starts after the summer bbq season is over, and ends just days before Thanksgiving. Check out the website to find out more; sign-ups begin August 16. Until then, marinate on the idea of a better self through paleo!

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