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Happy Birthday Mundy!

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If you see Mike Mundy today, be sure to wish him a happy birthday! Mundy turns 50 years young today, and we thought a great way to commemorate the occasion would be to recognize him and his daughters as WODders of the week. Caitlin, a recent Brighton High School graduate, has made leaps and bounds of progress since she started in December, and her younger sister Tara has now joined in the fun as well. They are every bit as hard-working as their dad, who has been at CrossFit Rochester for over five years. For Father’s Day, Mike–the undisputed king of muscle-ups– told Caity he wanted her to get her first muscle-up. The talent must run in the family, because after a bit of practice, Caity swung right up on top of the rings just like. . . well, just like her dad! Check out the video (and a very proud father) here. Not many dads get to work out with their daughters on a weekly basis (and not many daughters get to work out with their dads, either!) The Mundy family is pretty rad.

The Mundy family and Loosen doing a rowing WOD together

The Mundy family doing a rowing WOD together with Loosen

For stories and information on the legendary Old Man Mundy, I decided to turn to his friends and peers at the gym. After all, these are the people who have sweated with him every day, year in and year out. This is what they had to say:

“He is the only guy I know who does a workout and then runs five miles for a  chaser” -James Weise

“There are lots of Mundy stories. . . at the old gym, he’d always show up a half hour early to the 5am workout. One winter morning I rolled in to open up the gym and he was in the parking lot doing burpees. He stood up and he was just absolutely covered in salt from the pavement, all caked on the front of his clothes.” -Joe Celso

“Mike is usually the first one there for the 5 AM WOD. When he arrives, you will often see another CrossFitter go jump into his car to hang out with him if Joe isn’t there yet. He is the the person everyone wants to hang out with. He makes everyone feel welcome.” -Laurie Enright

“He was the first person in the gym to introduce himself to me — and I noticed that he does that ALL the time to welcome new people to the gym. Just this morning he introduced himself to someone who is going through fundamentals. Basically, Mundy IS the face of CrossFit.  If CrossFit had a poster boy, he’d be it. Also, he lives in another dimension where time moves very quickly. He speeds through the warm ups as if someone hit the fast forward button.”  -Erin DiVincenzo

“From the first day I met him, I felt like I had known him for awhile. He is such a kind, genuine guy, and he goes out of his way to make sure he says hi to you. He remembers your name and details about you and your family that you don’t ever remember telling him.” -Tara Glynn

“Mike is the most supportive and passionate father you could ever meet. Family is everything to  him. Mike is a role model for everyone at any age. How could we not love OMM (Old Man Mundy)” -Lindsey Loosen

“You wanna know the thing about Mundy? I don’t even know him that well, but when I was coming to the 5am class, he always said hi to me like we had been best friends forever. He always made me feel really good.” -Alicia

“No one in the room goes unnoticed. He makes you feel like the most important person in the world. He treats everyone– especially new people and young people at the gym– like family.” -Carbo

“In my very first WOD on a Saturday, Mike was the first person that made me feel at ease. He looked at me, smiled, and introduced himself and shook my hand. He asked me a few questions and welcomed me to the group. That gesture of kindness really meant a lot to me!” -Janel

“And how did we all first hear his name? Not in an introduction. Nope…we first heard it when he randomly yelled ‘MUNDY!!!!’ whilst throwing a barbell over his head.” -Lisa P.

“After the workouts he somehow comes out of that little locker room looking like a team of stylists worked on him. Sort of like Superman coming out of the phone booth.” -Erin DiVincenzo

“Mundy would win Best Dressed CrossFitter worldwide!  I do seem to recall that one morning when he walked out in his dress clothes but seemed to forget his shirt .” -Lorri Parker

“Mike always gets ready for work at the gym and the six o’clock women love to check out what Mundy (or G.Q., as we like to call him) is wearing. My favorite memory is the day he forgot his work shirt. Apparently it was a super casual Friday as Mundy strolled out of the locker room wearing just jeans, boots and a six pack.  I don’t know too many 50-year-olds who could pull that look off.” -Kate Sonnick

GQ Muscle-ups

GQ Muscle-ups

“Now that i think about it we could call him the Best Dressed and Undressed (for the time when he forgot his shirt)” -Lorri Parker

“For a few years in a row, Mike would have me write up vacation wods for him and his family to do while they were in the Outer Banks. He was very particular and wanted each wod to be written up separately and placed in their own envelopes. They would all sit around the table and open one envelope each day. He is the epitome of a team leader and someone who keeps everyone together, whether it’s in Rochester or some other location in the country. I’m also quite certain he is one reason Sean Loosen crushed  every open wod this year for the games. With “Old Man Mundy” screaming at him, I’m pretty sure he was too scared to stop! In short, he is quite the motivator.” -Stash Merrit

“I remember when Andrew and I were both really new to the gym, and we were doing Fight Gone Bad.  It was Andrew’s first time, and Mundy was just standing next to him while he did box jumps, screaming at him, kicking the box, and getting all in his face.” -Matt Hamilton

“When I met Mundy 5 years ago at the old gym, the first WOD had rowing in it and we were side by side. He looks over at me and goes ‘Lets go, mother &*$%#!’ I paused and was like who is this crazy jerk? So I immediately was like ‘ok man, lets go.’ I work with Mundy and he is as crazy at work as he is at the gym! He’s the epitome of a ‘bad ass mother &*$%#!’ And that’s a quote used by Mundy all the time.” -Chris Lenzi


Happy Birthday Mundy!


  1. Darren Mathis July 24, 2013 at 6:40 am #

    Happy Birthday…you AARP card carrying Honey Badger. Mike is the guy that pushes all of us to be better people (in and outside the gym) by just being himself.

  2. Adam Henby July 24, 2013 at 7:04 am #

    When I did the games wod at CF Rochester Mike was always rooting me on and pushing me harder. He continues to offer help to, as he says ,”get you to the games”. Mike is not only a tremendous athlete but a great person. Happy birthday Mike

  3. Georgie Mundy Evans July 24, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

    AS Mike’s Mom,I could not prouder of my wonderful first born. (his brother is not far behind!) My heart is bursting with pride ,reading your comments! How lucky am I to have such an incredible son,daughter-in-law and granddaughters? Keep up the good work! Georgie Evans

  4. AlliO July 24, 2013 at 10:06 pm #

    What a great tribute! Happy 50th Birthday, Mundy.

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