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WODder of the week: Jackson Shaw

Congratulations to Jackson Shaw, the WODder of the week! ¬†Jackson has been CrossFitting with us since December, and he is both consistent and dedicated. A long-time friend of Caity Mundy’s, Jackson joined along with her and several other close friends from Brighton High School. His goal was primarily just to have fun with his friends. “Soccer was over and I needed something else,” Jackson says. He has gotten a lot stronger in all of his lifts since he began, and estimates he has maintained his cardiovascular endurance from soccer season.

Jackson graduated from high school last week, and is headed to Cornell in August. When asked if he will continue CrossFit there, he replied “yes, absolutely” almost before I had finished the question. He plans to join Crossfit Pallas- Ithaca’s only CrossFit gym- and will look forward to working out with us during his breaks from school.

Great work Jackson!

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