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WOD-chester Roster

Below is a list of the teams that have successfully signed up for the WODchester Games. If you have sent your registration but your name doesn’t appear, please contact Joe.

In the meantime – please pray for some drier weather…  as it stands the field outside is super wet.  We’re going to need to make some program adjustments anyways as we have had significantly more sign-ups than anticipated…  and though THAT is a great “problem” it would really be nice to use the field.

We’re going to need to add some heats so check the event page linked on the right for a revised schedule soon.  To give you a better idea of timing, the roster below also represents the order in which the teams will take the field (sorted by last name of team captain).

Team CF3
CrossFit Fairport’s Hot Sauwce
The Stoned Pistols
WOD In My Box
CrossFit Gordon OKAYA??
Crack of Dawn
Boom Squad
Team Hardcore
Yo-Quiero Kettle-Bell
Team Dandelion
716 Wodstars
Been There – Going Back
What’s With The “Creepy Old Guy”?
Jacked and Tan
The Problem Kids
Old School
Crossfit 716
Freedom Snatchers
Vicious and Delicious
The Bacon-Ators
Guns & Hoses
VooDoo Browns
WOD Squad
Canadian Tuxedos
Balls & Dolls
Squatting Snatch-Hidden Pood
CFS Power Couples
The Hamburglers
DFC Ninjas
DFC Pirates
DFC Space Monkeys
Killa Colins
Smelly Jelly
CrossFit Buffalo
Snatches of Liberty
Please Pass The Boom Sauce
Two Snatches and a Couple of Jerks
Woody WODders
The I-90 Isolates
We Want More


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