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More WOD-chester Info!

Ok – After some discussion with some peeps here, we’ve decided that we’re going to run in the field tomorrow.  The rain we saw last night and today was really quite light and a lot of it has dried up already.  The biggest thing we were concerned about is safety of participants and spectators.  We’re much more equipped to control spectators in the field    …and if it does end up raining more, slipping on wet grass is a lot more comfortable than slipping on wet asphalt.

That said, I suggest you bring at least one change of clothes – if not two.  YOU WILL GET WET AND DIRTY!

Not sure if everyone saw it, but we suggest everyone bring a team sign to set by your work stations.  It will make it a lot easier for MC Chester to identify you.  Additionally, there will be a ballot box where you can vote on best team name – we have a little prize for them.

Also, if peeps wanted to grill, that would be totally cool.  Just please be sure to clean up and take any trash with you.

I need my sign-up crew to arrive by 7:30am.  We need to make sure we start check-in on time because…

…the athletes WILL NOT BE LATE!  Participating teams – be sure to give yourselves plenty of time to check-in. Check in will be located under the tents on the back side of the playing field and will shut down at 8:45am!  IF YOU DO NOT CHECK-IN ON TIME THEN YOU ARE OUT OF THE COMPETITION!  ALL TEAM MEMBERS MUST CHECK-IN TOGETHER!

As promised – here’s a quick map.

That’s all for now.  Sleep hard!

The turkeys were out inspecting the field this morning. WOD1 - catch AMTAP in 30 min.

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