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WODder of the week: Scott Gray

[by Fem]

Scott Gray is another amazing example of the progress that can come from careful attention to technique. You hear Joe constantly reminding people about good form and lifting “sexy”; Scott is someone who has listened closely and taken that message to heart. In the year and a half that he’s been CrossFitting, he’s made major gains in strength, mobility, and endurance. Scott started CrossFit because he needed a new challenge, and he realized he wasn’t able to keep up very well with the U16 boys soccer team he coaches. He says CrossFit is the best stress outlet he’s ever tried, and he can’t imagine life without the gym. (His favorite lift? Deadlift. ┬áPick heavy shit up, and put it down.)

Now Scott can not only keep up with his soccer team. . . I’m guessing he can give them a run for their money as well! Congratulations Scott, your persistence has really paid off!

Scott (aka "2HotE") warms up his deadlift. His mobility has improved dramatically and has made a huge difference in his performance. Many people could/should learn from what he's accomplished.

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