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Regionals 2013 Report, Day 2

[by Fem]

Note: this is the second in a three-part series about our experience at Regionals.  You can read the first installment here.

Day two got off to a quick start with Team event 4, affectionately nicknamed “The 30’s Workout.” Starting with the guys, each team had to progress through 30 wall-balls (20/14#), 30 chest-to-bar, 30 pistols, and 30 dumbbell snatches (70/50#). The next teammate could start after the previous member finished chest-to-bar. This was another solid workout for our team; we placed 15th overall.

Joe giving Lindsey some last-minute tips before the workout

Matt on wall-balls

Stash on chest-to-bar

Loosen on pistols

Alicia on pistols

Fem on dumbbell snatch

Waiting for Alicia to finish

Clearly we disagreed with the judge's no-rep call

Our individual competitors had a much harder workout. Instead of 30-reps of each exercise, they had to complete 100. Joe G. kept his signature steady pace and made it through a third of the dumbbell snatches at the finish. Mega admitted this was her least favorite event of the weekend, because “100 C2B hurt a lot”, but her pull-ups were much better than in practice, and enabled her to make it to the dumbbell snatches and complete two reps within the time cap.

Mega doing pistols next to Jess McNabney of FCCF

Joe G. balling out on some snatches

Event 5 in the afternoon was 21-15-9 of deadlift and box jump. For the teams (1 guy and 1 girl), the deadlift weight was 225/185#; for the individuals, it was 315/205#. Boxes were 30 inches for the men and 24 inches for the women. Matt K. and Alicia were on deck for this one. Matt says his plan was to break up the deadlifts into manageable sets of 7-7-7, 8-7, and 9, but explained, “My plan fell apart after the first set. I felt myself falling behind and I tried to go faster to catch up, which let to early fatigue. From there out it was just a battle: the dead lift felt super heavy, and I wasn’t able to rebound as quickly as I wanted to on the box jumps. I wanted to finish the workout between 4 and 5 minutes, which I did. But when it was over, I wish I had left Alicia with more time.”

Matt deadlifting

The spirit of CrossFit: other teams gathered around to cheer on Alicia after they had finished

Teammates. Exiting the floor after the WOD

Mega and Joe G. both turned in their best performances of the weekend on this workout: both nearly won their heats. In the end, Joe G. placed 14th and Mega placed 5th.

Mega made the 205# deadlift look like a piece of cake

Joe G. flew through his box jumps

 Stay tuned for the final installment of the Regionals report, coming tomorrow!

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