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Regionals 2013: Day 1 Report

[by Fem]

Note: This will be the first in a three-part series about our experience at CrossFit Northeast Regionals.

We arrived at the Reebok World Headquarters in Canton, MA (a suburb of Boston) on Thursday afternoon, a little jittery but very anxious to compete. We spent the afternoon checking in, setting up our tents, and scoping out the venue. Last year the events were held in a grassy field, and mats and wooden platforms were dragged out. This year, there was a real competition floor flanked by massive bleachers on 3 sides, all tucked neatly into the U-shaped Reebok building.

The competition floor being set up on Thursday afternoon

The weekend opened with “Jackie”: 1000m row, 50 thrusters at 45lbs, and 30 pull-ups. The teams for this event consisted of 1 guy and 1 girl, with the girl completing the whole workout before the guy was allowed to start. The time cap was 15 minutes. The Loosens tackled this event for us (how cute is that)!? Lindsey says, “I felt so lucky to be working out with my husband, who is nothing but supportive and put me at ease.” She went out hard on the rower, and looking back, she would have “gone out slower on the row and tried to kill the pull-ups at the end.” After Lindsey finished, Sean knew he wouldn’t be able to finish the workout in what remained of the 15 minutes, so he went as hard as he could on the row and thrusters, ending on a speedy set of 39 unbroken thrusters.

The Loosens exit the stadium after Jackie

Mega and Joe G. also faired well on Jackie, with Joe G. setting a 28- second PR (5:53), and Mega coming off the rower with such blazing speed that she had the thrusters to herself for awhile.

Joe G. rowing calm and steady

Friday afternoon’s team events were a back-to-back 7-minute overhead squat ladder and burpee muscle-up AMRAP. The girls started on OHS, while the guys started on burpee-muscle ups, and then we switched. It was chaotic on the competition floor and apparently fun to watch. The only frustrating thing was we obviously had to be so focused on our own task that we had no idea how the guys were fairing (and vise-versa).


Walking out into the arena for the team workout

Lindsey hits 115lbs x3

Fem hits 135lbs x3

Stash hits 235lbs x3

For the women, Lindsey and Fem both PRed their 3-rep OHS, at 115 and 135lbs, respectively, and Alicia ended at 125lbs after getting no-repped at 135. On the men’s side, Sean PR’d and Stash and Matt also set down solid lifts. Sean hit his last lift of 235lbs with only seconds remaining on the clock, and says that this– along with the muscle-ups–was his favorite event of the weekend. Our combined men’s and women’s scores on the OHS workout was good enough for 14th place.

For the burpee muscle-up AMRAP, each team member was allowed to do a set of 3, then had to tag off to the next teammate. Given that the rings were set at a fairly low height, and Matt is fairly tall, he employed an innovative strategy: jumping muscle-ups. Matt said, “They were really easy. That definitely worked to my advantage. I felt 100% confident I wouldn’t miss a muscle-up using that technique.”

Matt crushing some muscle-ups in style

Sean muscle-ups while Stash and Matt look on

The girls had a different situation, given that Alicia hadn’t ever done a muscle-up. After me (Fem) and Lindsey each completed our 3, we used the remainder of the 7 minutes to coach Alicia. Looking back, it was kind of funny, because Lindsey and I weren’t allowed to leave the green starting mat, so Alicia had to keep running back to us for feedback after each attempt. Meanwhile, Joe C. was 20 rows up in the stands screaming like a maniac (and of course we couldn’t hear a word he said over the roar of the crowd). So Joe used hand signals to communicate his cues, and I did my best to translate the hand signals into words for Alicia. Joe says, “I wanted a little ear plug like the secret service use to communicate.” While she didn’t end up getting one, she was REALLY close, and she put forth a courageous effort!

Fem gives two thumbs up to our cheering section during the 2-minute transition time between the overhead squats and the muscle-ups

Lindsey breezes through 3 muscle-ups

Coaching Alicia

Look how close she is!

Even though the girls only finished with 6 muscle-ups, our guys picked up the slack and finished 61 burpee muscle-ups; our combined score of 67 was good enough for 15th place overall in that workout.

Joe G. and Mega tackled this workout after the team finished. Mega threw up an impressive 175lbs on the overhead squat, good enough for 10th place. Joe turned in a solid performance on the burpee-muscle-ups, finishing 27 in 7 minutes. Mega reported that the burpee-muscle up workout was her favorite event of the weekend. In the warm-up area, she was dreading it, and Joe C. told her to just “get on the rings at see where you’re at.” Joe describes what happened next: “She got on the rings and just did it. You could see her whole attitude changed. Once she got into the actual WOD, it was the aggression with which she attacked the rings– trying to kick ass versus trying not to fail–  that got her through.” The minimum performance standard to move on was 3 muscle-ups. Mega says, “I was most nervous about that one, but I did what I had to [do], and it was nice to be done with it.” She completed 5 muscle-ups, and it was awesome to watch her fight for every one.

Mega beast

Stay tuned for Part II of the report tomorrow!

Photo credits: Sarah Adkins, Julie Melnik, CrossFit Park Ave, Becky Hicks, and Morgan Howe. Thank you!!

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