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New Structure for Mobility Program

[by Fem]

We  are starting a new mobility program that we hope will be more accessible to you than the Sunday morning mobility sessions. [Read: Joe wants everyone on board with this new plan!]

The new setup will consist of one hour-long seminar at the beginning of each month, taught by chiropractor Matt Kelly. It will essentially be instruction on various activities that could be used to improve your mobility. In addition to learning new moves that you can do on your own, elements from this mobility session will be included in mini mobility WODS during regular class times at the gym. Each month, you will learn new movements that will help to improve your flexibility,positioning and efficiency – and help keep you injury-free. You will not be able to properly participate if you don’t attend the information session, so everyone is strongly encouraged to come out for instruction. If you are at all interested in improving in CrossFit (hopefully everyone), attention to mobility will help you accomplish nearly any goal.

The seminars will take place on the first Sunday (8am) and the first Thursday (6:30pm) of every month.  You only need to attend one; the material presented will be the same on both days.

So, at either 8am on Sunday, June 2, or 6:30pm on Thursday, June 7. . . BE THERE!

Heavy? ...I suppose. Acceptable? ...hell no!

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