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Welcome to Crossfit Rochester


We are a “gym”… that’s more of a community… comprised of strong-willed individuals that are hell bent on improving their level of fitness. Coached in the CrossFit ideology of mixing bodyweight movements, weightlifting and cardiovascular conditioning – our members find the varied workouts to be challenging and the atmosphere to be competitive and yet incredibly supportive.

We were the first to bring CrossFit to the Rochester area and feature the area’s only Certified CrossFit Coach (level 4). Since 2006, we have been incredibly successful in helping people reach a level of health and fitness they never thought possible. Athletes, working moms, fire fighters, seniors and more have greatly expanded their physical capacity and shed unwanted weight through their participation in our program. Our existing experience, ever-expanding knowledge, attention to detail and commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from the rest. When you’re ready to make a commitment towards achieving a higher level of fitness, contact us for a free trial workout.

About Crossfit

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that does just that – strengthens and conditions… EVERYBODY! Clinically developed by borrowing from the best practices of the world of competitive athletics, CrossFit has proven to be most effective means of developing a complete fitness.

The magic starts with the movements. The movements that CrossFit utilizes are movements that we see in everyday life – squatting, lifting, pressing, running, jumping… functional movements that force us to use our bodies as a single unit. These movements need to be performed well to prevent injury and practiced on a consistent basis to keep our bodies in tune… if you don’t use it, you lose it.

The next level of the CrossFit definition is variety. Long or short, heavy or light, fast or slow, simple or complex… By exposing the body (and mind) to wide variety of stimulus, we keep the body (and mind) from getting complacent (or bored) and broaden the range of our experiences. This forces the body to continually adapt, keeps us motivated and ensures that we are ready for anything.

The final component of CrossFit is intensity. If you do not stress the body, the body has no reason to adapt. The great thing about intensity is that it is completely scalable and relative to the individual. While the grandmother and the football player should both practice deadlifting – the loads are different based on their respective capabilities. In both cases however, the weight, number of reps or the speed at which the lifts are performed should stress the trainee.

For more information on CrossFit, feel free to download the article “What is CrossFit” from the CrossFit Journal